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Working conference of the textile industry cluster: to achieve the six major transformation, shape the core strengths
source:laiou  author: 惠州萊歐  Release time: 2016-06-03 10:53:29

      Has been, the textile industry cluster is an important support for the development of China's textile industry, is an important form of Chinese textile industry socialization production. Now it has become the adjustment of industrial structure, transformation and upgrading of an important basis. At present, in the context of the supply side structural reform, to inventory, adjust the structure, to achieve effective supply to become the focus of attention of the industry, which is also the moment of the textile industry cluster needs to focus on the direction of ascension.

      On May 27, 2016 the national textile industry cluster work conference held in Wenshang County, Jining City, Shandong Province, China Textile Industry Federation President Tiankai at the meeting made a keynote report. Vice president of the China Association for public diplomacy Ma Zhengang, textile association, vice president Xu Wenying, summer, zhongfanglian adviser Chen Shujin, Sinotex United assistant director, vice president of China National Garment Association Chen Dapeng, State Council Development Research Center of market economy research institute, Wang Wei, Shandong Province, Jining City, Ma Pingchang of secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Wu Jiwen, and from the estate textile industry cluster in the government, industry associations, business representatives and experts and scholars more than 420 attended the meeting.

      "12th Five-Year" industry cluster development result is remarkable“

      Wang Tiankai pointed out that the healthy and sustainable development of the textile industry cluster, has always been highly valued by governments at all levels and the industry. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, facing the complicated international and domestic environment and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, textile industry cluster innovation, continuously forge ahead, and actively explore the strategic adjustment and transformation and upgrading and achieved remarkable results.

      According to the textile union of 65 home textile industry cluster effective sample data analysis, by 2015, China's textile industry cluster, the main business income compared to the same period increased by 2.2%, gross profit growth of 6.6 percent, export delivery value increased by 4.5%, practitioners growth of 0.8%. Visible, accounting for about 40% of the country's textile economy cluster economy, in promoting the healthy development of the industry, to maintain the smooth operation of the industry has played an important role.

      Wang Tiankai said that 2015 textile industry cluster operation reflects the new features and highlights: Internet strategy to promote public service platform for innovation and development, regional brand advantages and characteristics of creative transformation to enhance power, energy saving and environmental protection pressure forced enterprises cluster to accelerate the development of green, regional strategic and cooperative innovation of industrial cluster interaction model, drive and leading role of large enterprises highlight.

      But Wang Tiankai also pointed out that at present, China's textile industry around the supply side structural reform and this year the state to put forward "to productivity, to inventory, deleveraging, reduce costs, and make up for weaknesses in" five tasks, there are some contradictions and problems need to focus and to be solved: one is phased and structural overcapacity; the second is cost reduction task is still arduous; three is the shortage of high-quality cotton raw material supply; fourth, energy saving and environmental protection is still facing great pressure, R & D and marketing model innovation ability is insufficient. Therefore, the task of transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters is also facing an urgent situation.

      "13th Five-Year" is the focus of the work of transformation and upgrading of clusters

      "This year is" 13th Five-Year "in the first year, a clear direction and task of supply side structural reforms proposed by the central government for the future development of the textile industry cluster," providing policy and institutional guarantee of strong Chinese manufacturing 2025 "and" Internet plus "as a major strategy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of textile industry cluster." Wang Tiankai said.

      Wang Tiankai said that in the development of "45", the focus of the work of the textile industry cluster should be put in to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial, give full play to the leading role in innovation, in-depth implementation of innovation driven development strategy, put innovation in the core position of the cluster's overall economic development, and comprehensively promote the supply side structural reform, after several years of efforts, forming a large number of medium and small-sized enterprises collaborative development, production and marketing closely co-ordinated, intelligent manufacturing and modern logistics, combined with the modern industrial cluster. The government should increase the intensity of the cluster, to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, promote industrial clusters to achieve the six major transformation. That is to promote the transformation of science and technology, green transformation, intelligent transformation, the characteristics of transformation, the quality of transformation and management transformation.

      For the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry cluster, summer said that under the current situation, although some comparative advantages such as low salary cost has been significantly weakened, but there are still many advantages in support of the cluster economy development, such as local governments on policies and measures to vigorously support, unique characteristics of professional production, industry chain downstream facilities, industry and professional market mutual promotion and interaction, professional information in the region spread rapidly and gradually improve the overall public service. Industrial clusters should further consolidate the existing advantages, with innovative ideas to maximize the value of the original advantage.

      Xia Lingmin believes that in the "Internet plus" tide, the textile supply chain should actively adapt to the Internet era, to enhance the depth of integration of the two, to promote the digital and intelligent textile manufacturing, construction of green manufacturing system, improve the green level of development, breaking the original mode of operation and the traditional business, accelerate the transformation of textile industry cluster, to is the real breakthrough.



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